Q: How do I care for my butcher block cutting board?

  • Unless you ordered an unseasoned board, your new butcher block comes preseasoned with my own blend of food-safe protectants and sealants (mineral oil, organic beeswax and carnauba wax). With regular use and gentle hand washing, re-season with NCWoodSmith’s Board Balm once a month or as needed to keep it looking great.

Q: Where can I find more of your butcher block seasoning?

  • Check the shop! As soon as I can nail down the packaging, NCWoodSmith’s Board Balm will be available for sale – CHEAP! 🙂 Cheaper than you can find under any other name, as far as I have found. I’ll be offering unscented and gently scented versions using therapeutic grade essential oils like lavender, lemon and lime.

Q: Why don’t you use food oils instead of mineral oil?

  • Cutting boards take a lot of abuse. Just look at the one you’re replacing! To protect them, you need something that will last. But most importantly you need something that won’t actually ruin your butcher block or regular cutting board. Food oils go rancid, it’s a matter of time. Mineral oil is inert, odorless, tasteless and doesn’t go rancid. The mineral oil I use is food grade, used in commercial kitchens all over the world for decades to season butcher blocks and to lubricate kitchen machinery. You’ll also find it at your pharmacy and local grocery store.


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